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Get daily motivation and education from a friendly voice.


Learn and grow through other patients' relatable experiences.

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Whether you are newly-diagnosed, going through cancer treatments or well into survivorship.

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Reassurance and confidence during times of anxiety, uncertainty and loneliness.

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Just 30 days with Elly has been shown to significantly improve quality of life.

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Be inspired by relatable stories written by patients and thought leaders.

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Self Care

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Daily Summary
Self Care

Session Contributors

Alex Dvorak
Amanda Ferraro
Angelo Korsanos
Arianna Giorgio
Asha Miller
Breast Cancer
Austyn Hutton
Breast Cancer
Christa Van Wieringen
Cait Earnest
Casey Head
Emilee Garfield
Ovarian Cancer
Jimmy Watson
Testicular Cancer
Juliane Everest
Breast Cancer
Justin Birckbichler
Testicular Cancer
Katie Wee
BRCA2 Mutation
Lauren Ramer
4x Cancer Survivor
Peter Laneas
Testicular Cancer
Tatiana Dietz
Breast Cancer

Elly's Impact

"To be honest, before I downloaded Elly, I had a hard time believing that an app could even begin to scratch the surface of what it is like to power through past medical traumas. I went in with very low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Each day I’m excited to learn and see what Elly has to offer."
Catalina R.
Bone & Blood Cancers
"I had one of those days today! Elly had good timing on a summary related to stress. I liked the encouragement to reach out to seek support, wherever that may be. I think this is something that we all need to be reminded of on an ongoing basis. Especially men as some of us see this as a form of weakness and I know it takes a lot to seek assistance.  Elly is warm, understanding and there for me."
David M.
"Being in the hospital for almost a week threw my whole life schedule off, but Elly actually did help me a lot while I was in the hospital. This was a really painful hospital stay and the motivational Daily Summaries were life."
Andrea P.
Colon Cancer
"I’m proud for checking in each day. Over the past month, Elly has become a good friend who has cared about my wellbeing and who I’ve enjoyed learning from. Thank you Elly! You’ve taught me so much about the importance of looking after myself and what small steps I can take to make a difference to my overall health."
Jessica D.
Breast Cancer

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