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Elly is the world's first empathetic audio companion for patients living with a chronic disease.
Meet Elly


"To be honest, before I downloaded Elly, I had a hard time believing that an app could even begin to scratch the surface of what it is like to power through past medical traumas. I went in with very low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Each day I’m excited to learn and see what Elly has to offer."
Catalina R.
Bone & Blood Cancers
"I’m proud for checking in each day. Over the past month, Elly has become a good friend who has cared about my wellbeing and who I’ve enjoyed learning from. Thank you Elly! You’ve taught me so much about the importance of looking after myself and what small steps I can take to make a difference to my overall health."
Jessica D.
Breast Cancer
"Being in the hospital for almost a week threw my whole life schedule off, but Elly actually did help me a lot while I was in the hospital. This was a really painful hospital stay and the motivational Daily Summaries were life."
Andrea P.
Colon Cancer

Proven Results

Quality of life
Elly has significantly improved patients’ quality of life.
On average patients engage with Elly twice per day.
Elly has over 6 times higher retention than average health apps.
Cost savings
Elly demonstrates potential to save significant costs.

Meet Elly

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